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Multilingual Learner Leadership Support Center

The Multilingual Learner Leadership Support Center (Multilingual Learner LSC) assists district and site leaders in three critical aspects of high-quality Multilingual Learner/English Learner (ML/EL) programs: 

  1. Developing the ML/EL (Master) Plan

  2. Meeting Federal EL Program Monitoring (civil rights) criteria

  3. Conducting ML/EL Program Evaluation

Having these responsibilities can be overwhelming for new and experienced leaders. Drawing from the California English Learner Roadmap Policy and the EL Federal Program Monitoring Instrument, the Multilingual Learner LSC offers 3 programs that integrate professional learning and strategic planning processes to aid district and site leaders in accomplishing their endeavors.

Multilingual Learner LSC
Programs for District/Site Leaders
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These programs stand-alone yet are interconnected.  Each is comprised of 9 or 11 modules, facilitated by experts in ML/EL program development, who also provide coaching for each module.  Each program is customizable to suit the unique needs of a district.  Moreover, modules from each program may be combined into mini-programs focusing on a specific area, such as English Language Development (ELD) or Family Engagement.

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