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Since 1996 we have worked with educational organizations on an expansive set of educational topics and settings.

School Reform &
Student Support

School Reform Programs
  • Magnet Schools Program

  • Texas High School Project

  • Charter School Replication Projects

  • Project 2INSPIRE Parent Leadership i3 Project

Fellows Programs

  • Deeper Learning Equity Fellowship Project

  • English Learner Leadership and Legacy Initiative


Early Learning Programs

  • Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) Model

  • Ohio Ready Schools

  • Mission Neighborhood Centers


Student Support Programs


  • Partnership for 21st Century Schools  

  • School Counseling

  • School Climate

  • Skills for Success

  • Social Emotional Wellness

  • Autism Awareness PD

  • Family Education


Educator Professional Learning & Effectiveness

  • National Professional Development (NPD) projects to support English Learners and Dual Language programs

  • Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Projects in Texas, New Mexico, and California for Cohorts 1, 2, 3, 4  

  • Professional Development projects funded by federal, state, local, and foundation sources

  • Analyses of English Language Learner Programs, Classroom Practice, and Student Outcomes

  • Preparing Teachers To use Technology (PT3)

  • Intel Teach to the Future Project

Technology Integration, STEM, and Blended Learning

  • ​CollegeYES i3 Project

  • MATRIX Star Schools Project

  • Think Tanks on Distance/Blended Learning for the US Dept of Education

  • Study of Evaluations of State Technology Grants for the US Dept of Education

  • Texas Virtual School Study

  • California High-Speed Network Study

  • Gates-funded Kentucky Leadership in Technology Program

  • Ohio Palm Pilot Program

  • Texas Technology Integration Projects

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