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Wexford Innovations assists clients in collaborating, thinking about, planning, designing, applying for funding, implementing, and managing innovations that meet critical needs of students, families and educators.  Wexford has developed processes, tools and resources that have proven successful in these development efforts.

In conjunction with these activities, Wexford can provide professiional development programs for administrarorss and teaches, along with coordinated family engagement programs to improve student outcomes. 
Wexford has created a process based on research, evidence and theory to support district and site administrators in planning and implementing milestones leading to desired outcomes.    We customize that process within PD environments to support districts in rwo areas -- the development of:
  1. an assets-based and needs-responsive English Learner Master Plan (based on the California English Lerner Roadmap, for California Districts , and over 40 years of experience in the field)
  2.  community schools based on student populations & district/community assets
     Evaluation & Research
Wexford Institute conducts evaluation and research to:
  • provide needs assessment, formative, quality and  continuous improvement information to clients

  • identify program outcomes and impacts.

Additionally, Wexford develops a theoretical and evidence-base related to our focus areas to support our evaluation and research efforts with clients.

Wexford has conducted evaluations of local, state and multi-state programs funded through grants from foundations, U.S. Department of Education, and state funding sources.

Wexford is compiling resources that support inclusive and save learning environments and that mitigate factors that lead to the school to prison pipeline. 
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