Wexford services are provided through three divisions, focusing on three types of service to meet our Mission:         Wexford Institute, Wexford Innovation and Wexford Solutions.

     Wexford Institute
        Evaluation & Research


Wexford Institute conducts evaluation and research to provide needs assessment, formative, quality and  continuous improvement information to clients, as well as to identify program outcomes and impacts. Additionally, Wexford develops a theoretical and evidence-base related to our focus areas to support our evaluation and research efforts with clients.

      Wexford Innovations
         Strategic Innovation


Wexford Innovations assists clients in collaborating, thinking about, planning, designing, applying for funding, implementing, and managing innovations that meet critical needs of students, families and educators.  Wexford has developed processes, tools and resources that have proven successful in these development efforts.

       Wexford Solutions
         Customized Support  ​


Over its twenty-year history, Wexford has developed systems and processes that are customizable for each client, to improve schools, programs and outcomes for students. 

Wexford Solutions continues to add to its menu of solutions, as it improves them through iterative design processes.