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Wexford Institute a division of Wexford. Inc, works collaboratively with clients to conduct a wide variety of evaluation and research services.  We use a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods and adhere to rigorous methodological and professional standards. Wexford, Inc. has a registered and certified Institutional Review Board, which reviews our evaluation and research plans to ensure the protection of privacy and safety of children and adults participating in our studies.    

Wexford Institute
Program Evaluation

Wexford Institute provides the following evaluation services:

  • Logic Model and Theory of Action  

  • Design and Data Collection Plan

  • Data Management Plan and System

  • Formative and Summative Data 

  • Data Collection - participation records, surveys, observations, focus groups, interviews, artifact review, assessment, portfolio review

  • Implementation Analysis  

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis

  • Snapshots and Briefings

  • Progress and Impact Reports for Internal and External Stakeholders and Funders

  • Action Planning and Professional Development for Continuous Improvement 

  • Dissemination of Information

Research Studies 

​Wexford Institute staff has expertise in a variety of quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods, including:

  • Developmental Research

  • Design-Based Iterative Research

  • Ethnographic Research

  • Correlational Research

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Return on Investment

  • Quasi-Experimental Research

  • Impact - Experimental Research 

Staff design research studies based on the research questions, which are aligned with the maturity and the purpose of the intervention.  For Quasi-Experimental and Experimental Research, our staff follow  What Works Clearinghouse Standards to ensure rigorous research. 

Research Base

​​Wexford staff continue to develop a theoretical and evidence-based foundation related to areas that we focus on, including:

  • Equity Issues and Solutions

  • Professional Development

  • Educator Effectiveness and Compensation Systems

  • Social-Emotional Learning and Mental Wellness Programs

  • Literacy, English Learners, Standard English Learners

  • School and District Reform

  • Technology Integration

  • Blended Learning

  • STEM

  • Arts Education

  • Family Engagement

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