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Program Development

Wexford Inc focuses on collaboration with clients and their constituents (students, families, educators, and other stakeholders) to create innovative and evidence-based programs to meet critical needs and to develop resources to support the innovations.

Program Development
​Wexford staff has over three decades of experience in designing innovative projects with clients, to improve or transform professional development, distance/ blended learning, and instructional programs to increase equity and create an environment of excellence in teaching and student learning. 

Wexford staff assists agencies in the program planning stage to assess assets and priorities, and plan for needs, creating:

  • a Theory of Action and Logic Model

  • goals, objectives, fidelity measures, and indicators of success

  • a management plan with timelines and responsibilities

  • internal and external evaluation plans

  • a possible  plan for funding implementation

  • a sustainability plan


Wexford assists in the development of policies, practices, and programs to increase equity of opportunities and outcomes for underserved student subgroups.  Wexford can also assist in supporting applications for funding from relevant funding sources. 


Wexford has assisted clients in applying for and receiving over $300 Million in funding from federal, state, regional, and local governmental sources, and private foundations. Funded projects have included grants for teacher development, distance learning, Magnet, GEARUP, arts integration, mental health, and school climate.

Professional Learning
​In conjunction with the program development process, Wexford can provide PD with research-based practices and processes, and supportive resources to increase the effectiveness of planning and implementing the programs that are designed. 


Wexford uses ThinkTanks to involve clients and their constituents in identifying critical needs and evidence-based and enhanced strategies to meet those needs. These ThinkTanks involve integrated or separate role groups, Wexford uses a variety of techniques including design-thinking for this collaborative planning.

Family Engagement
​In conjunction with the program development process, Wexford can provide resources for, and assist clients with the development of family engagement programs that focus on family and community assets and respond to the most critical needs.
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