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Multilingual Learner Leadership Support Center

ML/EL Leader Programs

Our three professional learning/strategic planning programs support customized services for your district or charter school, to help you:

  • create or update your ML/EL Master Plan

  • review your ML/EL program to ensure you meet criteria in the California EL Federal Program Monitoring Instrument

  • further develop your program evaluation

The programs have a foundation in: 

  • evidence-based professional learning

  • research and evidence-based ML/EL program components and strategies

  • National Standards for Quality Online Learning

  • California Administrative Professional Learning Standards 

Each program includes:

  • customization of program based on district needs and assets--in addition to the three program choices, districts may build their programs that use modules from all three programs, around topics such as Designated and Integrated ELD, or Family Engagement

  • live online professional learning sessions including coaching

  • Canvas-based tools and resources to support the use of each module

  • action steps leading to the final product

Master  Plan

Supports a professional learning and strategic planning process through the following 11 modules, to develop and write the Master Plan working document:

  1. Understanding “The Why”

  2. Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health

  3. Family Engagement and Community Partnerships

  4. Program Options

  5. Identification, Assessment, Placement & Reclassification

  6. Integrated ELD

  7. Designated ELD

  8. Staffing and Professional Learning

  9. Progress Monitoring

  10. Program Evaluation

  11. The Master Plan Working Document

EL Federal Program Monitoring

Supports the review and development of programmatic components to ensure compliance with the EL FPM instrument, and includes preparation for FPM reviews through the following 9 modules: 

  1. Introduction to the FPM Process

  2. Involvement

  3. Governance and Administration

  4. Funding

  5. Standards, Assessment and Accountability

  6. Staffing and Professional Development

  7. Opportunity and Equal Educational Access

  8. Teaching and Learning

  9. Final Review of Criteria Evidence

EL/ML Program Evaluation

Provides an opportunity to review current ML/EL program evaluation and data collection processes and results, and identify and create needed processes focused on improving ML/EL programs that are  assets-based, ans culturally and linguistically responsive. 


Includes  11 modules related to the Master Plan modules,  and can include a deeper dive into Title III requirements.

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