Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Wexford's Founding


Wexford Institute is part of Wexford Inc, which was founded as a nonprofit educational agency in 1996 with a mission to increase educational equity, effectiveness and excellence.  We collaborate with public and private agencies and policy makers to improve educational outcomes for students, parents, and staff.  We use tools of research, evaluation, planning, program development, professional development, program management and technology to increase educational equity and excellence to improve programs for students, their families and teachers in low-income communities and for English Language Learners.  

Wexford has a diverse and expert Team that provides high quality services in collaboration with our clients.   Our Wexford TEAM stays on the forefront of innovative ideas, programs, and strategies that are transforming education, including STEM, educator effectiveness, technology, English Language Learning, early learning, and socio-emotional skills.  The combination of well-rounded expertise embodied by Wexford Institute staff produces results that empower clients to make informed decisions, which strengthen their organizational and programmatic capabilities.