Strategic Innovation

Wexford Innovation, a division of Wexford Inc, focuses on six areas to collaborate with clients and their constituents (students, families, educators, other stakeholders) in creating innovative programs to meet critical needs and to develop resources to support the innovations.

Wexford staff has over  thirty years of experience in designing innovative projects with clients, to improve or transform professional development, distance/ blended learning, instructional programs for English Learners, STEM and integration of technologies, and educator effectiveness and compensation systems.  


​​Wexford has assisted clients in applying and receiving over $200 Million in funding from federal, state, regional, local governmental and private foundations.  Among many others, Wexford has supported the development, evaluation and research of two Investment in Innovation Fund projects funded through the U.S. Department of Education. 


​​Wexford staff has over forty years of experience in working toward educational equity, including designing, publishing, implementing and evaluation programs.  Wexford reviews policies, practices and programs that could be improved to increase opportunities and outcomes for English Learners, Standard English Learners, children living in poverty, and both genders.

Applications for Funding
Innovative Project Design
Educational Equity

​​Wexford looks long-range to understand major influences on our future and the future of education, including:

  • The need to learn how to create a peaceful world

  • The increase in diversity in our country

  • The rapid changes in, affordances of, and affordability of technologies.

​​Over its 20-year history, Wexford has developed tools and resources that it provides to its clients to learn about evidence-based programs, educational equity and futures, and to plan, design, apply for funding, implement, manage, and evaluate its programs. 

​Wexford ThinkTanks  involve clients and their constituents in identifying critical needs and evidence-based and enhanced strategies to meet those needs.  Typically in a series of ThinkTanks involving integrated or separate role groups, Wexford uses a variety of techniques including design-thinking (similar to the Stanford model) to do this collaborative planning. 

Tools & Resources
Educational Futures