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Sharon Dorsey, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher and Evaluator


Dr. Dorsey serves a Senior Researcher at Wexford.  She has served as the evaluator for the Ohio Ready Schools Project and the F.A.C.E. Principal and Teacher Leader Professional Development Programs.


For 30 years, Dr. Dorsey worked for the Columbus (Ohio) Public Schools serving in several different positions: Director of a three-year U.S. Secretary of Education's Innovation in Education Fund grant, Testing and Assessment Specialist, Language Arts and Reading Resource Teacher, and Classroom Teacher. 


Dr. Dorsey earned an undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and a Master’s degree and Doctorate from The Ohio State University.  She served as an instructor at Harvard University Graduate School of Education's Institute on Diverse Systems of Assessment, the University of Dayton, and The Ohio State University.  Dr. Dorsey was a longitudinal researcher for Apple (Computers) Classrooms of Tomorrow and has held leadership positions in a variety of state and national literacy, reading, arts and technology organizations.

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