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Martha Alvarez Martini, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher and Evaluator


Dr. Alvarez-Martini serves as a Senior Researcher and Evaluator. She develops and conducts professional development, curriculum development, and evaluation at the K-12 and university levels. An expert in language acquisition and literacy, she develops and provides training in the areas of English Learning, early childhood education, early literacy and family support of early literacy.  She is also part of the Wexford team developing autism training for early childhood educators.


Dr. Alvarez-Martini has more than 30 years of experience as an educator, teaching at the pre-school through university levels. Dr. Alvarez-Martini has served as district and county coordinator of programs and services for English Learners. She was a Visiting Educator with the California Department of Education to give technical assistance to school districts in the area of English Learners' programs. During her tenure as a district coordinator she implemented Title VII Federal grants in the areas of Preschool Education, Family Literacy, and Two-Way Immersion Projects. She has also worked with the Los Angeles County Office of Education and Orange County Department of Education with the state reading program for ELs and provided training to teachers working toward meeting state and federal requirements to teach English learners.


Dr. Alvarez-Martini has a bachelor of arts in Spanish, a master of science in curriculum and instruction, and a doctorate in education with specialization in learning, language and literacy from the University of Southern California. She was a recipient of a Title VII Fellowship for her doctoral work, received a scholarship to study children's literature in Spain, and received a Hispanic Leadership Award. She co-authored Rainbow Collection, an English as a Second Language Program that merited the WORLDDIDAC Bronze Award in 1988 at an international fair held in Basilea, Switzerland.  She has served as an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

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