Customized Solutions

Wexford Solutions is a division of Wexford Inc that over has used a series of design trials to develop Solutions that can be customized or used to inform development  for your district or school.  Wexford Solutions uses a process that includes problem definition, resource analysis, consultation, action planning, PD, family engagement and other direct services to support clients in building internal capacities for improvement.  Below is a sample of our customizable solutions.

​​Wexford Solutions uses our modular Human Capital Management System (HCMS) to improve and integrate HCMS components already functioning in a district.  We collaboratively create new components to provide a fully functioning system that provides a variety of types of data and data analytics to support all of the HCMS functions and improve outcomes

Wexford Solutions has expertise to support districts and post-secondary institutions in supporting the social emotional wellness of their learners (children and adults). This includes developing a foundation for social emotional wellness, adopting Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF), creating a community of partners to support implementation, and evaluating services and outcomes.

Our Wexford Team has long-term experience and recognized expertise in reviewing programs for ELs and providing guidance in grade level planning and implementing exceptional programs for ELs who new arrivals to those who are Long Term English Learner (LTELs).  Working through our process  to improve programs, policies and practices, we have supported greatly increased evidence-based practices and improved  student outcomes.    


​​Our Effective Educator Professional Development System (EEPDS)  can be integrated with the HCMS and  existing PD.  It uses research and evidence  to review current PD planning and implementation, identify PD content priorities, and improve PD practices to tie them to action planning, improved classroom practices and student outcomes.


​​Wexford Solutions has developed a variety  of PD for educators and educational programs for parents/families.  Two examples are:   our foundational Investigating Autism course for educators and parents;  and, the Early Digital Literacy Course for facilitators and parents, to prepare parents of K-1 children to use iPads with their children to develop early literacy. 

English Learners
Social Emotional Wellness
Effective Educator PD
PD and Family Engagement
Technology/Blended Learning
Members of our Team have long been leaders in the areas of Technology Integration and Blended Learning. Among other activities, Wexford Inc was a recipient of a comprehensive Preparing Teachers to use Technology (PT3) grant and conducted distance (blended) learning Think Tanks with national leaders for the U.S. Department of Education to inform future programs.