Wexford Reports

The following are examples of Wexford Institute evaluation reports.

The Project 2IN


The Project 2INSP

California K-12 Network Evaluation

The Project 2INSP

CABE i3-Project 2INSPIRE Evaluation Report

The Project 2INSPIRE Family, School and Community Leadership Development Program was an i3 project funded through the US Department of Education and led by the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE).  The 5-year school-wide initiative was designed to build capacity for schools to support and sustain family engagement with the goal of improving student achievement.

5-Year Evaluation Study of the CollegeYES i3 Project

CollegeYES was one of the initial i3 projects funded through the US Department of Education, with the Alliance College Ready Public Schools in Los Angeles.  The project focused on STEM and English Learner Professional Development, project-based learning, student technology leaders, and parent involvement.