Helping you CHART YOUR COURSE to equity, effectiveness and excellence!

Wexford's 25 Years

Supporting innovative and evidence-based programs in over 20 states for diverse learners, their families and educators 

Providing high-quality, customized services by our expert diverse staff to develop and improve programs and outcomes


Engaging in long-term relationships of 5 to 25 years, with schools, districts, regional agencies and universities 


Collaborating with educational agencies and foundations  to obtain over $300 Million of funding to support their programs

Wexford Institute is part of Wexford  Inc, a nonprofit educational agency founded  in 1996. 


We collaborate with educational  agencies and foundations  to increase:

  • Educator Effectiveness 

  • Student Outcomes

  • Family Engagement


Our Approaches

We collaborate with educational agencies through virtual and hybrid approaches to support their development of equitable and effective evidence-based programs for diverse learners, using strategies for:

  • program development and strategic planning

  • evaluation and research

  • professional learning,  and

  • family engagement

Customized Services

We customize professional learning/strategic development  to engage district and site leaders in creating and improving programs and outcomes.   We work with you though a step by step processes that include piloting and coaching, to:

  • conduct assets and needs analyses

  • develop and implement a Master Plan

  • create ongoing data collection and monitoring systems for continuous improvement

See our services for English Learners - Emergent Bilingual  Learners, and the development of Community Schools

The Peace Academy

The Wexford Peace Academy provide evidence based and user-recommended resources, tools, programs and practices to support:

  • schools and communities in creating peaceful environments for living and learning

  • programs that interrupt school practices that may lead to excluding children from school,  physically or emotionally, lessen the likelihood of their negative involvement with  law enforcement and future incarceration.


4-Year Research and Evaluation Study of SEAL
An evaluation of the PK-3 implementation of SEAL in 12 California districts, conducted by Wexford in collaboration with the Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL) at Loyola Marymount University

Supporting The African American Learner Guide
Information and resources, including the Guide produced by the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Division at the Los Angeles County Office of Education, along with other resources --


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